Given the fact that I’m writing on my blog for more than a year and that, since the very beginning I have made accounts on all Social Media platforms on which I wanted to promote my content, I have come to the point in which I know exactly what works best for me and what source brings me the biggest number of visitors on my website. Therefore, I wish to help you too, especially if you are at the beginning of your journey in the blogging world or anything connected to digital marketing, to improve your skills in certain directions in which I’m already succeeding, and in which I think I’m doing a good job.

    Many of you have asked me how I create my PINs, what apps do I use and what are my tips and tricks. Well…

     In my case, both Google Analytics and the statistics directly obtained from WordPress have proven me that Pinterest is the most useful tool, the one that brings me the biggest number of readers and views. It hasn’t been easy, I have started with zero followers and zero Pinterest knowledge, but now I can say that I have finally understood its mechanism and I was able to make it my best friend, as a travel blogger.

     Many consider that Pinterest is more like a Social Media platform, others see it as a search engine, in which the visual comes first. I think that the truth is somewhere in the middle, but the balance inclines more to a search engine. In this article, I won’t talk about how to grow on Pinterest, but about how your PINs should look like in order to stand out in the searches.


     For my blog, about 60% of the visitors are brought from Pinterest, and that’s because I always made sure to make eye-catching and obvious pins that stand out. Because this is the essence of this search engine. Recent studies have shown that there are over 50 trillion PINs at this time. Of course, you will see only a small part of them when you search for something on the platform, but their number will be big even though, and, therefore, it is harder and harder to stand out from the crowd.

     In this mini tutorial, I will tell you how to build a PIN that gets close to perfection and has many chances to be remarked and repinned on other boards. At the end, I will show you some examples of some of the PINs that I’ve created for various articles on this blog, PINs that have succeeded in being in first position in the search results on Pinterest and which have been repinned thousands of times. If I made it, then you can too 🙂 Let’s proceed…

   Step #1: Activate the Rich Pins function

     This is the first step that you must do, especially if you have a blog. What makes the difference from a normal PIN? Well, firstly, it will have a Bold title, an author, and a description, and most important, it will grow your traffic with over 70%. Therefore, is a must if you really want to connect your PINs with the articles on your blog. Oh, and there are a few types of Rich Pins, depending on what you are promoting. You can choose between Rich PINs for articles, movies, recipes, and others.

     Find out how to activate Rich Pins, here

   Step #2: Use a very good image

    In this step, things are a lil’ bit subjective. Still, if you are doing some research for color schemes and you throw an eye on the most repinned PINs, you will surely understand what a good image means. In general, imagines that contain some red, are the most repinned ones, but this is definitely not a rule. You must make sure that the photo is very clear, colorful, and attractive. Let’s say you want to create a PIN about New York. I would suggest, first and foremost, to use a photo made by you, if possible, and if not, you have to find one without Copyrights.

     What would better suggest the idea of NYC? A panorama of the Empire State Building, an interesting perspective of the Brooklyn Bridge, the famous Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, or even a photo of a street full of yellow cabs, rushed corporates, and skyscrapers. Obviously, the ideas are infinite but is very important to remember the essence. You must concentrate on the general look of the photo, and think very well if the image you are using would attract attention in a positive matter or not.

   Step #3: Image resize

    While it is ideal to use square photos on Instagram, on Pinterest, the PINs should be verticals. The most common proportion is 2:3, but you can create even taller PINs, especially if you wish to build a graphic or detail a recipe. When talking about pixels, you can guide yourself after the 735*1102 measurement, but never less than 600*735. You must never add square PINs or too wide because they will appear too small and too less visible to stand out. You should use the space given to its maximum potential. In the next step, I will tell you what apps you can use for redimensioning the images.

perfect PIN

   Step #4: Add elements on the image

    Here, there are no rules written, but there should be a harmony and everything has to be very well connected. Many users prefer to add images without text or elements on them, but I advise you to use them every single time. By doing this, you let the user know what is that PIN about, without having to click on it. The text will get his attention and grow his interest, so the person searching will feel tempted to click on the image and open the article to read it.

   Suggestions that you might want to consider:

  • Do your best to have a unique style that will make you recognizable through your PINs. Whether you have a different color scheme or a special font for your text or any other element that would make your style stand out.
  • The text should be easily readable and very short. I would say never include more than 10 words on an image.
  • You shouldn’t have more than 3 colors and 3 different fonts for the text. Also, make sure it’s very easily readable.
  • You can also add some effects but never make an abuse. I recommend you to add a thin black border or a dark shadow
  • If the image is too light, the text should be darker and vice versa
  • You can add a transparent block of a different color than your image, under the text, to make it stand out

    Apps that I use for adding text and elements

on images

    It’s very easy to use, and it already has the template for Pinterest, as you can see from the image below. The only thing you have to do is click on it and start playing. You can add text, graphic elements, or a preset layout. I have shown you a very basic example, down below.

anatomy of the perfect pin

anatomy of the perfect pin

anatomy of the perfect pin

  • Photoscape, download here

    Photoscape is a very simple, easy to use app, in which sometimes I choose to edit my photos, and also to prepare them for being PINed. Unlike Canva, in this software, you have the option to choose from a very large number of fonts, almost unlimited, but also other settings that Canva doesn’t have. In Photoscape, you must set your dimensions and crop the image as I told you earlier, at the beginning of this article. Don’t forget, never less than 600*735. The interface of the application looks like this:

   Step #5: Upload the image on Pinterest, add a title, a link, and a description 

     This is the last step in all this fun time. Of course, without including the way of making your PIN well-known. However, if you show an interest in this subject, please let me know in the comments below, and I will take care of this complex and relative aspect, as well.

     The PIN can be added directly on Pinterest, or you can put it on your blog, and Pin it from there. It doesn’t matter how you do it, it doesn’t have any influence on the final result.

Perfect PIN


     As I promised at the beginning of the article, I will show you some of my examples from my personal collection of PINs. So far, I have succeeded in gathering some hundreds of PINs on my profile, some more repinned than others. A few of them have been repinned thousands of times, while others only hundreds. Some are in the first place when searching that specific destination, others, on 2, 3 or even lower.

    One of the most successful PINs so far is the one I made for Key West, which, ever since its “launching”, has been repinned more than 4000 times, and it’s now in the first place in the searches for this island in the Florida Keys. The same has happened with the one I created for Virginia Beach and the one that offers a suggestion for a 10-day itinerary on the West Coast of the US, with more than 5000 repins. If you’re wondering why all the Pins are talking about destinations in America, maybe the answer is the simple fact that more than half of Pinterest users are from the United States. Therefore, Americans are searching for information about easily accessible destinations for them. Honestly, those are also some of my very first PINs and this could also be a reason for their big success.

 What the 3 PINs have in common:

  • a relevant image
  • captivating title
  • interesting fonts
  • colors that stand out
  • blog address
  • the right dimension

the structure of a Perfect pin


  These are pretty much the things that you should consider when you decide to dedicate yourself to Pinterest promoting. By following these steps, I assure you that your PINs will stand out and will definitely be repinned by users interested in the subjects you talk about. I wish you good luck, and please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. Happy Pinning!

♥ PIN IT ♥