My name is Raluca Belu and I’m the owner of Whisper Wanderlust. I know, if you’re not a Romanian, it is hard to pronounce my name correctly, so I want to simplify it for you and I would love if you would call me Bella, just Bella. I’m from Romania (Dracula’s country!), as you probably realized from the previous sentence and I am in love with traveling and photos related to travel. I haven’t beaten yet any record of the number of countries and continents visited, but I have a huge desire to see the world. For me, this is perhaps the greatest satisfaction in life. I’m 29 and I believe that now is the right time to wander our wonderful planet. You can never be sure of tomorrow, so it would be better to focus on the present time. I, at least, learned my lesson and I’m really doing my best to make this happen. I had a few jobs before, including cashier in a cosmetic store, a seasonal waitress job in a restaurant in the USA and a GIS Specialist in an international corporation in the capital of my country, Bucharest.

   I have a Bachelor in Geodesys and a Masters in GIS (Geographic Information Systems). I spent six years in academic school, while I wasn’t able to realize what exactly I wanted from my life. When I worked as a GIS Specialist, with the regular schedule 9-5, Monday to Friday, every single day doing the same thing over and over, while sitting in an office, I realized that’s not what I want. I have a free spirit, so creative and full of ideas that could not be implemented in any form at that time. So…

    The best decision I took was going with Work and Travel program to the country that I wanted to visit so much, especially due to the TV series Gossip Girl. You guessed: the United States of America. I already had a well-established plan to see New York and Miami, but I wasn’t thinking at the time that I would really live the American dream and travel much more than I could have possibly imagined. My experience with Work and Travel is worthy of a movie script, but I won’t say more for now, maybe sometime in the future.

   I am extremely passionate about traveling and everything related to planning a vacation: insignificant details of the itinerary, outfits, food,  photos, playlists and places less traveled by classic tourists.

   I really like well-structured things and arranged in separate and clear ideas, so I thought I’d better make one of those lists with 50 things about me. Here we go…