San Diego was the last city in my 10 Day West Coast Road Trip. Although the time spent in the second-largest Californian city was very short.


More exactly less than a day, I must say I liked it a lot. The main reason for that is probably its striking similarity with my all times favorite US city, Miami.

     The west southern city is a perfect destination for getting a good tan, considering the summer temperatures, all year round. At the same time, San Diego has some awesome wide beaches worth visiting.


The best known are certainly La Jolla and Mission Beach. Given its location, right next to the Mexican border, it’s pretty understandable why Spanish is the most used language in the area.

Luckily, I can understand and speak Spanish well enough, to not encounter any problem. Overall, San Diego is definitely a city worth exploring. And I can’t wait to be back here and to spend a whole lot more time.


However, I can give you some very convincing reasons why you should visit San Diego:

   Port of San Diego

     The Dole bananas (I’m sure you know what I’m saying) enter the country right through this place.

Also, the port is used to import cars, belonging to Honda, Isuzu, Acura, Nissan, etc. In addition to trade and military functions, the Port of San Diego is home to some of the cruise lines.

Such as Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises, Carnival Spirit and others. Moreover, Grand Princess just anchored in the port when we visited; lucky us!

Find here the best hotels in San Diego. 


port of San Diego California

   Downtown San Diego

     The city center is located in almost the same region as the port is. Just as I said earlier, is very similar to Miami: palm trees, skyscrapers, and high temperatures. But San Diego is not just that.

There are numerous attractions for all tastes and all ages, and the most popular ones are Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, Little Italy, San Diego Embarcadero and Petco Park.

San Diego California

San Diego California

   Coronado Island

     In order to reach Coronado Island, you must first pass Coronado Bridge. Which is a very famous structure in San Diego. Why is worth visiting Coronado Island?

Well, if you wish to relax or walk on the beach, through the sand dunes (seen from above, they form the letters of the word Coronado), to play golf on Coronado’s Public Golf Course,to visit the famous Hotel del Coronado or to go to Centennial Park, or for the best views of the skyline of San Diego.

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Coronado Island San Diego California

Coronado Island San Diego California

Coronado Island San Diego California

Coronado Island San Diego California

Coronado Island San Diego California

   The Mexican food

     Being so close to the Mexican land, it would have been a great shame not to try their delicious traditional cuisine: tamales, enchiladas, tacos or tostadas.

We went to Ray’s Mexican Restaurant, located on El Cajon Boulevard, that has some interesting dishes to try. We tasted everything, and I promise that we didn’t leave disappointed at all.

Moreover, I must add that Mexican cuisine turned out to be one of my favorites, actually.

Mexican food San Diego California

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