Well, it looks like this year will have a fantastic debut for us. We planned a trip for a long time now in Southeast Asia, scheduled for 2016 but our plans were affected by some factors beyond our control, so we postponed it until’ this year. Not such a big deal after all, better late than never. Both I and Ayman, my boyfriend, we wanted to visit Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia, but in the end, we narrowed the list and remained only the last two. The reasons are many, from the fact that we would have had to extend our trip too much in order do cover all the 4 countries, but also because of the visa that Ayman needs to visit Singapore, not too easy nor too fast to be obtained.

   Why did we choose Southeast ASIA?


     The reasons are varied and easy to understand. First, if we take into account the financial part, countries in this part of Asia have very low prices on accommodation and food, especially if you live in the developed countries of Europe or America. For example, one night at a 3-star hotel can start at $ 10 in Bali.

      Climate, vegetation, and landscape were also decisive factors in our choice. Both countries enjoy very permissive temperatures all year. Hopefully, it won’t rain too much when we get there, and if it will, at least I hope without lightning. Not that I have a very big problem in this regard, but lightning is a real phobia for Ayman.


    The cliffs of Coron, turquoise waters of the ocean, the forests of banana trees, bamboo, and palm trees, white sandy beaches … are an array of temptations to which we couldn’t resist, so we booked flights and hotel rooms. Currently, our itinerary is complete only for the Philippines. In the case of Indonesia, we still need to do some research and add some places to our list. Our itinerary looks like this:

Itinerary for Philippines

   2 days in Manila

    We’ll hit the road each having the starting point in his country. I, on January 21,  and Ayman on 23. Discrimination, huh? : D Considering that I will spend more than 72 hours in flights and layovers, I need more sleep until we reach the island. So, we decided to spend two nights in Manila and use this opportunity to visit some of the city’s attractions. On our list are found Manila Ocean Park, Manila Cathedral, Mall Asia, who they say that is the third largest mall in the world, and Rizal Park; you know that I have a weakness for parks.

Manila PhilippinesImage source: pixabay

    3 days in Puerto Princesa

    Puerto Princesa is a town situated on Palawan island and is also the capital. Here, we will stay in a hotel near the airport, and we will visit Honda Bay Island, the Subterrane River (one of the 7 natural wonders of the world), the  Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral, and the Butterfly Garden.

     2 days in …

    This destination will be kept as a surprise, and you will find out more about it when we get there. So, keep an eye on the blog and on my social networks to follow our adventure in Southeast Asia.

    5 days in El Nido

    I already know that 5 days will not be enough to fully enjoy everything El Nido has to offer. We will try, however, to tick a few places that we are dying to see. These are Napcan Beach, Duli Beach, Small Lagoon, Lagoon and Big Lagoon Secret.

Napcan Beach El Nido PalawanImage source: flickr/ Allan Ascaño

   5 days in Coron

  There is a lot of debate in the articles written by travel bloggers, who can not decide which one is more beautiful than the other: El Nido or Coron. For me, until I get there and I will face reality, Coron remains icing on the cake, and the icing is represented primarily by Kayangan Lake, a paradise known as the lake with the cleanest water in Asia. Besides this marvel of nature, we want to explore Barracuda Lake, Banana Island, and Malcapuya Island.

Coron Palawan PhilippinesImage source: flickr/ Kristine

    We’ll fly direct from Coron to Bali, Indonesia, about which I have already said that we have not finalized the itinerary. I still managed to make up a provisional list of places I want to know. Here’s what came out:

Itinerary for Bali

   3 weeks in Bali

   Eat.Pray.Love. Yes, Julia Roberts has inspired me to want an intensive yoga course to restore my inner peace and tranquility. Just kidding, although it is possible to try it, especially as I have never done yoga before and I would like to know the hidden secrets of these rituals, meditations, or whatever is the correct term to define them. If we talk about the attractions that we want to be marked as seen on our list of travel, then I have to mention temples Uluwatu and Tanah Lot, the Monkey Forest, Kuta Beach, panorama from Ayana Resort, Nusa Dua Beach, Mount Batur and clubs in Seminyak.

Bali IndonesiaImages sources: pixabay

   We have a surprise destination for Indonesia, as well. Maybe it’s a special place in Bali, or maybe it is another island you would have never thought about. Follow me be updated with all the details.

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    I promise that this will be an unforgettable journey, from which I will return with very many photos, articles, and videos. Waiting for your questions and suggestions or recommendations, if you’ve traveled there. You can find updates about our trip under these hashtags:

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