March 1 had a quadruple significance for me this time: the first day of spring, my birthday (I’m 27, yey!!!), my grandmother’s birthday and 7 months of travel blogging.

Obviously, I couldn’t let a date with such an emotional impact to just pass. I always enjoyed the holidays, especially when it came to my birthday.

I guess everyone likes to receive gifts and attention. This year, my birthday was beautiful and different at the same time…

     For the first time in 27 years, I spent my birthday outside Romania. Until now, with me, it was either my family or my friends. I celebrated almost always in my hometown, Ramnicu Valcea, or in the capital, Bucharest, where I lived for seven years during college and master.

In any case, I never got out of Romania for my birthday. This time it was a totally different story.

March 1 caught me far from my home country, 10 000 kilometers away, to be more specific, on the most famous of the more than 17,000 islands of Indonesia, Bali.


Birthday in Bali


     I’m here with Ayman, my boyfriend, and this is the last week of our 2 months trip in Southeast Asia.

He tried and succeeded to make me not feel (very much) the absence of my loved ones in a day so important to me. He surprised me with a beautiful cake with chocolate and cherries, which had written a personalized greeting “Happy Birthday, Bella” on top + a cute heart.


Birthday in Bali

     It hasn’t even been necessary to seek a special place to go and enjoy the rest of the day. We are staying in a very very cute boutique hotel with a swimming pool, surrounded by exotic plants and water in a beautiful blue shade.

Wonderful, but guess what? Exactly on my birthday, I caught a cold, and the fever forbade me to touch the pool, while my throat didn’t allow me to feel the taste of food. Yup, it was that bad! 🙁


Birthday in Bali

     However, I did not want this day with special significance to pass as an ordinary day and, especially, I didn’t want to lock myself inside the hotel’s room until my fever would pass.

So we used Uber, which I think is the best way to travel in Bali (stay away from the taxi if you come here!), and we went to Seminyak Square and Seminyak Village. We did some shopping, and I was spoiled with two gorgeous handbags that I can not wait to wear, and then we looked for a restaurant to have dinner.

We chose Zappaz, a cozy place with a warm atmosphere, good food, and live music. I’m saying good food, based on Ayman’s opinion because, as I mentioned above, my taste buds are dormant.

After dinner, we headed to the hotel where I answered to your birthday wishes, and after that straight to bed in order to let that fever pass, as quickly as possible.

     As a closing, I want to thank you very much for your wishes for my birthday, and I hope you have a beautiful sunny spring. Hugs!