Located south of the United States and having the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico on the right and the Pacific Ocean on the left, Mexico is a country with spectacular landscapes, delicious food and an extremely exciting history that always fascinated me.

    I admit, I was often at the point where I was ready to book flights to Cancun or Mexico City, especially in the middle of winter, to be sure I was getting rid of the cold days in Romania in favor of a Mexican escapade, on white sandy beaches, washed by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and guarded by the ruins of the Mayan civilization.

     Although I didn’t finalize the reservation, I did place the third largest country in Latin America, after Brazil and Argentina, on the list of places to visit in 2018. And because I can not imagine such an escapade without enjoying the comfort of a private villa, set right on the beach, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, I will start planning with a search in Mexico vacation rentals.

     Well, yeah! It is time for tamales, enchiladas, and tacos to be ticked off on the waiting list of my taste buds.

   Visit the top resorts on Riviera Maya, one at a time

    Because, first of all, I want total relaxation from my future Mexican vacation, I thought to start with perhaps one of the most attractive and touristy areas on the East Coast, Riviera Maya, the Florida of Mexico. There are many resorts in Riviera Maya that I would probably visit if I were not conditioned by the time and the budget. Not being the case, however, I made a rigorous selection of the places I want to check in this part of the country. Let’s start with …

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    When you say Tulum, you say the last ruins built by the Mayans, set right on the cliffs on the beach, connected to the Caribbean Sea. Being the most recent ones, they are also the best preserved, so it will be a pleasure to enjoy a golden and natural bronze while taking part in a history lesson.


    The first time I heard of the famous luxury resort, was in the Mexican soap operas, which marked my childhood and taught me Spanish to a decent level, so it’s easier for me to deepen it now. Though extremely touristy and crowded, Cancun definitely deserves a few days of my itinerary to discover its caves, underground rivers, botanical gardens, nature reserves, beautiful beaches, but especially the second largest coral reef in the world.

  Visit the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza

  Not too far from Cancun, but far enough to reserve an entire day for the visit, is situated probably the most famous archaeological site in Mexico, the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. The historical monument is part of UNESCO since 1988, but also of the list of the 7 New Wonders of the World. The dominant pyramid is definitely El Castillo, also called the Temple of Kukulkan.

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  Get lost on the streets of Guadalajara

    What would Mexico be without tequila and mariachi, the salt and pepper of this sparkling country? In the absence of these two “ingredients”, perhaps the charm would be halved, so Guadalajara must be on the list of must-see places. Besides being the capital of Jalisco and one of the largest cities in Mexico, Guadalajara is filled with museums and colonial-style houses, essential elements for a successful holiday.

  Experiment Dias de Los Muertos

    Who needs Halloween when we have Dias de Los Muertos, right? If for the American holiday, things are as flexible as possible and nowadays people even dress up in their favorite singers and actors, in Dias de Los Muertos, people keep their customs holy. These include parades, altars, offerings and walking to the cemetery.

    Although is hard to tell, this is a celebration of life and not death and stretches for about three days. The holiday takes place all over the country, but the focus is on the central and southern parts.

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   Visit Puerto Vallarta

    Mexico is not spectacular only on the East Coast when it comes to landscapes detached from international travel journals. Puerto Vallarta is an ideal example. The resort set along the Sierra Madre Mountains is known for its dream views, but also for food, art, and very friendly people.

  Take the most beautiful photos in Pink Lagoon in the village of Las Coloradas

    Have you ever wondered what flamingo birds and a lagoon of the Yucatan coast of Mexico could have in common? Neither did I, but a careful research has given me a surprising answer. In Mexico, you can find a pink lagoon without being necessary to add some filters on Instagram. The link between the lagoon and the flamingo birds is not just the charming pink shade but also the existence of some marine microorganisms containing beta-carotene. These are food for flamingo and responsible for the pink color of the lagoon. A must see if you ask me 🙂

  Walk through the gardens of Chapultepec Park

  I love Central Park and parks in general, so visiting the largest Latin American park is a check-in desire. I am aware that there is also a castle inside the jungle which I can admire and where I can feel like a princess. Chapultepec is the ideal place for children who can have fun at the LaFeria Amusement Park or admire the panda bears at the zoo inside the park with free access, but also for adults who can be lost on the alleys surrounded by greenery or they can get inside a boat and vessel all along Lake Menor.

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  Admire Frida’s Kahlo artwork right inside her home

    I would love to visit more than one museum in Mexico City, but this one is definitely one that I would not want to miss in any form. I’m referring to The Blue House or La Casa Azul, the home of the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, who enjoys admirers even after her death, having an impressive collection of paintings inside her home. Frida is so popular and loved by both Mexicans and tourists around the world, so over 25,000 souls pass the threshold of the museum, monthly.

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  Add Agua Azul Falls to the top of the most beautiful waterfalls I visited

  I do not know if this is the case, but for those who are at the first reading of my blog, I feel the need to remind something that has been repeated many times already: I adore waterfalls! Every time I have the opportunity to go to a new destination, I search for the waterfalls in that area and try to place them in the carefully planned schedule of activities.

    So with Mexico. When I was preparing my wish list, I came across a waterfall I admit I had never heard about before. This is Agua Azul, a collection of mini cascades and turquoise pools, located on the Xanil River in Chiapas, Mexico. Being set amidst a splendid setting in the middle of a tropical rainforest and having a very beautiful color, the waterfalls are similar to Plitvice Lakes in Croatia on a smaller scale. I can not wait to see them!

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    Explore the hidden beach on the Marietas Islands

    Marietas Islands are a group of small uninhabited islands, situated a few miles away from the Nayarit coast. Being protected by the Mexican government, the islands have managed to keep almost untouched and have a very rich and colorful marine life, which attracts many tourists in the area. However, the main attraction is love beach or hidden beach, a beach formed inside a hidden crater that gives the impression of covered space and is very intimate.

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