São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, Latin America, and even the Southern Hemisphere, is an endless source of things to see and do. One day in Sao Paulo won’t be enough to visit the city.


     However, if for you São Paulo is just a transit destination, then you must make the most of the day or limited time you can spend in this diverse city and check this guide of how to visit Sao Paulo in one day. 


    It is a great culinary mix, religious, cultural, social, architectural, and of all kinds. In Sao Paulo, there are large communities of Japanese, Lebanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Jewish, Arab and African, and the list can continue forever.


     You can understand this easily by the thousands of restaurants with different cuisines open in the city, in architecture, in education, and all aspects of daily life. In Sao Paulo, there is a place for everything and everyone.


     Many of the world’s billionaires live here, but at the opposite pole, there are plenty of people without a roof over their heads. In no other city visited by me until now have I seen so many beggars.


Sao Paulo Brazil


    Sampa, as they call it locally, has about 15 million inhabitants. About the size of a medium country in Europe. Multiply this number by 2, representing the tourists who come here every year, and you will find a real urban agglomeration.


     But also a daily traffic jam that pollutes. Good thing that there are over 30 parks in the city, producing oxygen.


    Sao Paulo had been founded in 1554, and its name worships one of the 12 apostles. If at first, it was just a small village in southern Brazil, hundreds of years later it is the most developed city in the country.


     Coffee is the main reason for the rapid development, knowing that Brazil is the largest producer of this beloved liquor all over the world.


Sao Paulo Brazil

How to visit Sao Paulo in one day

  Admire the graffiti on Beco do Batman



  Admire the Altino Arantes building


    If you’re a fan of the famous New York City skyscraper, the Empire State Building, you may want to meet his younger brother.


I’m talking about the Bank of the State of Sao Paulo, Banespa. In short, a project inspired by the Empire State, but on a much smaller scale.


     It has 162 meters and 36 floors compared to the 381 meters and 102 floors of the building that dominates the Manhattan skyline.


You can also visit the building, not just admire it on the outside, and the observation deck offers amazing views of the city.


Altino Arantes Sao Paulo


   Visit Catedral da Se


 The history of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Sao Paulo begins many years ago, more precisely in 1589. At the time when Sao Paulo was still a small village.


From then until now churches have been built and demolished, until the form that we can admire today.



  The current Cathedral had been completed in 1954, except for the towers that had been finished only in 1967. The architectural style of the building is neo-Gothic, but with a huge Renaissance-style dome that breaks the monotony.


     The dome was inspired by that of the Florence Cathedral. The cathedral in Sao Paulo is a very Instagrammable place, being very beautiful framed by the alley full of palm trees in front of it.


    Visiting the cathedral is free, and if you want to get here by subway you must know that the nearest station is Se Metro Station.


How to visit Sao Paulo in one day


   Where to stay in Sao Paulo


    I recommend you choose accommodation in the city center. Especially since the traffic is hellish and most of the tourist attractions are there.


So, whatever the intersection with Avenida Paulista means, the Jardins and Bella Vista neighborhoods, for example, are the ideal option. You can search HERE or go to the recommendations below.



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