Happy birthday to meeeeee!!!! Yes, spring starts with me every single year, and I’m sure my birthdate wasn’t a coincidence, rather it totally represents me. They say the ones born on the first day of spring, at least in the calendar, are very artistic, nature lovers, sensitive, creatives, philosophers, talented, impulsive, and very romantic. You guessed, modesty is our thing, as well :)) And because I started Spring for the past 28 years, I thought I should do it a little different this time. Although no one believes me when I tell that very soon I will reach my “depressive” 30s, I stubbornly try to convince through this tag that I decided to name #Happy28TravelTag. Shortly, I answered to 28 questions, all travel-related. Enjoy! 😀

   1.What countries have I visited so far?

     USA, Turky, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaesya, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and my home country, Romania

  2.What is the number 1 destination on my bucket list?

    I really want to visit Hawaii, USA.

  3.How does the ideal holiday look like for me?

  Very long, pleasant weather, many places to explore, adrenaline, turquoise waters, dreamy landscapes, my loved one with me, many activities, palm trees, smiling people.

  4.What place do I want to revisit?

    I think I would not mind going back to every place I’ve already been to. However, if I were to choose only one, it would probably be the USA.

  5.What is the most beautiful photo I ever took on a trip?

    It’s impossible for me to choose one, so I’ll put one of the hundreds of my favorite travel pictures. This one, taken at the Sheik Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi it’s one of my dearests.

  6. Have I had to travel for work so far? If so, where?

    I can not say I had to travel for work before, but I traveled for “work and travel” in 2014 when I went to the United States with the summer student program, Work and Travel. It involved 3 months of seasonal jobs and one month of travel on US territory, but in my case, things were very different.

  7. Who do you travel most often with?

    With my fiancée.

  8.What are the 3 objects that I would take with me on a deserted island?

   It depends a lot about the time that I should spend on the island, but for sure I would take an agenda and a pen, so I can write all my experiences lived in that place, and also a camera. It wouldn’t be possible to charge its batteries, so I would be very reserved in using it too much. 

  9.What do I prefer between an amusement park and a zoo?

   Although I love animals, I don’t completely agree with keeping them in a zoo, especially that type of zoo that has nothing to do with their natural habitat. Therefore, I prefer amusement parks.

   10.What is the most beautiful memory of my travels?

     Just like in the case of the question about my most beautiful travel photo, choosing my most beautiful memory would be impossible, as well. However, I do know that visiting Seal Beach, California and seeing the beach and all the houses that appeared in the American tv soap, Sunset Beach, the tv show of my childhood, had a huge impact over me, and it made me feel that I fulfilled a very old dream of mine.


Sunset Beach California

  11. What is the most unpleasant memory of my travels?

    I was very sad to see dogs and cats extremely sick, unhealthy, and beaten, in the Philippines. They broke my heart and made me feel completely powerless in that situation. I would like to see more respect and more love for these innocent souls, everywhere in this world.

   12. What is your favorite country?

  The United States of America. It seems to me the most complex country in all respects.

   13. What is your favorite city?

  New York City is the city I would like to visit frequently for the rest of my life, but I would probably like to live in Miami.

   14. What is your favorite mean of transport?

    I really like road trips by car, but I pick the plane for its speed and also because I love airports and the feeling of freedom when I’m flying.

  15. Do I plan my trip in detail or leave everything at random?

    I’m the kind of traveler who leaves nothing to chance. I plan everything from the smallest detail of the itinerary, costs, must-see places, transport, duration, accommodation, playlist, photos, etc.

  16. What is your favorite travel website?

    I like to search for articles written by other travel bloggers on Pinterest.

  17. If I were to leave tomorrow somewhere without being conditioned by money, visa or other, where would I go?

    I would choose a cruise around the world. : D

  18. Where I flew the first time?

     In the USA.

   19. What seat do I prefer in a plane?

    At the window, always!

  20. Where would you travel exclusively for food?

    Hmm … probably in India for chicken masala and paratha bread.

   21. What is my favorite place in my native country, Romania?

     There are two: Sinaia and Transfagarasan Highway.

   22.Suitcase versus backpack.

    Depends on the circumstances, but most of the time I prefer the suitcase/troller.

   23. Is there something I do on every trip?

     Photos 🙂 Depends on the destination, but if I know I can find them, then I will definitely look for waterfalls.

   24.Hotel, hostel or Airbnb?


   25.Mountain or sea?

    I want both of them, next to each other. If not, then I choose the sea.

   26. Did any place disappoint me?

    I was a little disappointed by Las Vegas. I had very big expectations, perhaps.

   27. Which are my top 3 best travel experiences?

Visiting the Empire State Building and enjoying the panorama of the NYC as seen from there.

Road trip on Pacific Coast Highway, from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Zip lining between two islands in Palawan, Philippines.

   28. What is the greatest travel-dream I would like to accomplish at 28?

     I would like to visit Rio de Janeiro.

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