I think that the idea of writing about the movie locations of some famous cinematographic productions is already turning into a series on the blog. Now it’s time to talk about the Spanish movie Tres Metros Sobre EL Cielo (Three Meters Above the Sky), produced in 2010, whose story is based on the short novel by Federico Moccia.

I want to warn you from now that this article will have a lot of spoilers, so those who have not seen it would be better to read this article only after they will see the movie.

Tres Metros sobre el Cielo presents the love story between two very different young people, with strong chemistry right from the beginning. Actors Mario Casas and Maria Valverde could not have been better chosen to play the roles of Babi and Hace.


tres metros sobre el cielo movie locations


The attraction between the two has surpassed the small and large screens since the two quickly became a couple in real life. I don’t know how intense Mario’s relationship with Maria was, but Babi and Hace conveyed so much emotion that Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo became one of the most-watched Spanish films, especially among young people.

All the scenes full of action, love, suspense, and drama took place on the streets of Barcelona. In my opinion, the beautiful city of Catalonia has had its contribution to the enormous success of the production.

But this article is not necessarily meant to comment on the love story, but rather is a guide of the movie locations in Barcelona. That is if you liked the movie so much that you want to get to the places where Babi and Hace lived their love story.


Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo – movie locations in Barcelona


The bridge on which Hace wrote 3MSC


One of the most memorable sequences in the film is the one in which Babi sticks her head out of the car window to look with amazement and enthusiasm at the graffiti made by Hace on the famous bridge. That was after he had already declared to her the love that resembled the sensation of being three meters above the sky.

The bridge is no longer drawn with the title of the film, but it exists and can be seen even today. You will find it at the intersection of Viaducte de Vallcarca and Avinguda de la República Argentina.



Babi’s house


Several scenes from the movie were filmed outside or inside the house where Babi lived with her younger sister and her parents. Among the most appreciated are: the scene in which Hace takes her home, dressed only in her underwear, the moment when he blindfolds her and they go for the surprise prepared by him, the scene in which Babi opens her eyes and sees the picture of them, glued on the ceiling of the room.

The address in Barcelona where you will find Babi’s house is not very far from the bridge mentioned earlier: Doctor Carulla street no. 57.


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tres metros sobre el cielo movie locations in Barcelona

The street where Hace meets Babi for the first time and calls her ugly


Surely you remember the first scene in which the protagonists of the film meet for the first time. The moment when Hace interacts for the first time with his future girlfriend, in a truly unique and paradoxical way for a future romantic story, happens on one of the most beautiful streets in Barcelona, Muntaner, near number 458.


babi and hache first met


The school where Babi and Katina study


Another location where many of the scenes in the film take place is the school where the two very good friends study: Babi and Katina. The school appears when Babi decides to skip classes and spend time with Hace, also when Babi’s mother shows up to talk to the director, but also when the teacher’s puppy Pepino is returned to her.

The school where Babi studied is a school in reality as well, and it is called Escola Pia de Sarria. You can find it at the address Carrer de Immaculada, no. 25.


The sport competitions


No, I’m not talking about the motorcycle races that play such an important role in the narrative of the story, but the sports competitions between the boys, which took place before the party where Hace jumps into the pool with Babi.

Hace wins that competition, as a result of which he has all the respect, but also a lot of envy from his colleagues. The competitions are happening in a place where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of Barcelona, at the mirador de Torre Baro.


tres metros sobre el cielo movie locations in Barcelona


The disco where they had their first date


The place where Babi and Hace officially become a couple is the disco where they dance on a very beautiful song that went straight to my YouTube playlist: Tormenta de arena by Dorian.

The disco is a club and is called Razzmatazz Hall. The address where you will find it is Carrer dels Almogàvers, no. 122.



The court in which Hache had his trial


If you’ve seen the movie, you know for a fact that Hace went to court for beating his mother’s lover. Well, the place where he was judged is one of the most beautiful buildings in Barcelona, from an architectural point of view.

It’s called Edificio Central de Correos, and you can find it at the end of Via Laietana street.


tres metros sobre el cielo movie locations


Motorcycle racing


As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, it will be full of spoilers. So, don’t read a line until you’ve seen the movie.

If this has already happened, you should know that the famous, dangerous, and illegal motorcycle races are an extremely important part of the film’s action. It represents the place where the love story between Hace and Babi started and ended for good, after the death of Hace’s friend and Katina’s boyfriend.

Well, maybe for many of you it is not a surprise, given the fact that the place is quite well known even to tourists arriving in Barcelona. It’s the port of the city.



The place where Babi and Katina go jogging


Just like the port of Barcelona, another place very well-known for visitors to the city and especially for the locals is the place where Babi used to go for a run with her best friend, Katina.

That’s because the action took place in probably the most beautiful park in town after Guell, Parque de la Ciutadella.



The pool


Surely you remember the moment when the two newly formed couples spend dreamy moments in a swimming pool.

The swimming pool where all these moments take place is none other than the one that is part of the Sant Andreu Swimming Club, located in Passeig de Fabra I Puig.



Motorcycle ride on the way to the sea


Some of my favorite scenes in Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo are the moments when Babi and Hace are on the motorcycle on their way to some very beautiful places, with some incredible coastal landscapes and the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s one of the most beautiful areas of Spain, a place that I recommend with all confidence and that I have already talked about here on the blog: the picturesque Costa Brava.


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tres metros sobre el cielo movie locations in Barcelona


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