This is my Bucket List – 100 things I want to do in this life, all related to travel and my crazy desire to explore the world far and wide. There are many other things that I wish to do, but these 100 are the most ardent desires.

If I am lucky enough to accomplish them faster than I expect, then I will again compile another list of 50 or even 100 more things to add to my Bucket List.

The ones in this list that I’ve already completed are colored in pink, have a check mark and a picture added.





1. Ride London Double Decker Buses

2. Kiss under the fireworks – Norfolk, VA, USA 

Fireworks USA

3. Visit the Peles Castle – Sinaia, Romania √

Peles Castle Romania

4. Spend the night in a treehouse √

bucket list 100 things to do

5. See the tulips in the Netherlands

6. Play at a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA √

Las Vegas Casino Caesar Palace

7. Visit the White House √

White House

8. Visit Saudi Arabia √

bucket list 100 things to do

9. Soak in the Hot Springs in Iceland

10. Stay in an overwater bungalow – Maldives, Indian Ocean

11. Climb Statue of Liberty

12. Shop in Milan, Italy

13. See the pyramids -Egypt √

Best things to do in Cairo, Egypt

14. Visit Miami √

Miami skyline

15. Visit all 50 states of the USA

16. Sit on the Skydeck – Willis Tower, Chicago, USA √

Sky deck Chicago

17. Visit Laguna Beach, California, USA √

Laguna Beach California

18. Visit Plitvice Lakes, Croatia √

19. Swim with penguins

20. Take a ride on a very scary roller coaster – Batman, Six Flags, USA √

Six Flags Batman

21. Visit the Death Valley – California, USA √

Death Valley California

21. Fly first class

22. Have a beach bonfire

bucket list

23. Float in the Dead Sea – between Jordan and Israel

24. Watch a sunset from an airplane – Manhattan, NYC, USA √

Sunset plane Manhattan

25. Feed a giraffe -Miami Zoo, Florida, USA √

Feeding giraffe

26. Go on an African safari

27. Ride a gondola in Venice

28. Climb Empire State Building √

View from Empire State Building

29. See the bloom of cherry blossoms in Japan

30. Take a picture with the Hollywood Sign- Los Angeles, USA √

Hollywood Sign

31. Visit Iguaçu Falls – on the border of Brazil and Argentina √


Iguazu Falls Brazil complete guide

32. Visit Victoria Falls – Zambia, Africa

33. Visit Niagara Falls – New York, USA √

Niagara Falls

34. Visit the tallest falls in the world- Angel Falls – Venezuela, South America

35. See the Colosseum in Rome – Italy √

Rome Colosseum

36. Take a selfie in Times Square – New York, USA √

Times Square New York

37. Visit Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil √

Christ the redeemer Best places to visit in Rio de Janeiro

38. Make a wish at Fontana di Trevi – Rome, Italy √

Rome Fontana Di Trevi

39. Drive over the Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California, USA √

Golden Gate Bridge USA

40. Watch the sunset in Santa Monica, California, USA  √ 

Santa Monica California

41. Visit a Chocolate Factory – Pennsylvania, USA √

Hershey Chocolate Factory

42. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef – Australia

43. Walk behind a waterfall

44. Visit the Acropolis of Athens, Greece √

athens greece layover

45. Go zorbing

46. Visit all the continents

47. Plant a tree in a foreign country

48. Go Hot Air Ballooning √

cappadocia hot air balloon

49. Visit Hagia Sophia – Istanbul, Turkey √

hagia sophia istanbul

50. Go on a cruise

51. Ride a camel √

camels Dubai Safari

52. Eat pizza, pasta and ice cream in Italy √

Ice cream Rome

53. Go to Disneyland – Orlando, Florida, USA √

Disney World Orlando

54. Get tanned in the Maldives

55. Climb on the One World Trade Center – New York, USA

56. Spend a day in Key West – Florida, USA √

Key West

57. Search for stars on the Walk of Fame – Los Angeles,California, USA √

Hollywood Walk of Fame Los Angeles

58.  Walk on The Great Wall of China

59. See the Grand Canyon – Arizona, USA √

Grand Canyon Arizona

60. Go to Machu Pichu – Peru, South America

61. Spend the night on a beach in Hawaii -the USA

62. Drink my coffee in Central Park – Manhattan, USA √

Central Park Starbusk

63. Visit the Amish – Pennsylvania, USA √

visiting amish pennsylvania

64. Learn Arabic

65. Go on a road trip in Europe

66. Visit Vatican

67. Visit the filming location of the Sunset Beach TV series -Los Angeles, USA √

Sunset Beach USA

68. Climb Burj Khalifa  √

Climb Burj Khalifa

69. Attend a conference for travel bloggers

70. Drive on the Seven Miles Bridge – Florida Keys, USA √

7 Miles Bridge

71. See the Northern Lights – Alaska, USA

72. Go skydiving

73. Meet other travel bloggers on the road

74. Visit Mount Rushmore – South Dakota, USA

75. Visit the Sydney Opera House – Australia

76. Ride a bike in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

77. See the McWay Falls – California, USA √

McWay Falls California

78. Visit Amalfi Coast, Italy √

Amalfi Coast Italy

79. Drive down Lombard Street – San Franciso, USA √

Lombard Street San Francisco

80. Visit Taj Mahal – India

81. Drink a cocktail in the Caribbean

82. Find a 4 leaf clover – Ireland

83. Window shopping on Rodeo Drive √

Rodeo Drive California

84. See the famous Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center √

Christmas Tree Rockefeller Center

85. Road trip on Pacific Highway √

Pacific Coast Highway

86. Visit Greenwich – England

87. Take a selfie with The Bean -Chicago, USA √

The Bean Chicago

88. Dinner in an underwater restaurant

89. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge √

Brooklyn Bridge USA

90. Climb the Eiffel Tower

91. Drink from a coconut – Key West, Florida √

Key West coconut beach

92. Visit the 9/11 memorial – New York, USA √

911 memorial

93. Take my mom in a beautiful long vacation

94. Visit Yosemite National Park – California, USA √

Yosemite National Park California

95. Go on a train trip √

train ride sri lanka bucket list

96. Smoke hookah on the beach √

Hookah on the beach

97. Swim in an infinity pool 

98. Visit Madagascar’s Avenue of the Baobabs

99. Hike to Havasu Falls – Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

100. Explore Indonesia 

  • How about you? Do you have a bucket list? Please share it in the comments below.

  • What do you think about mine? How many things on my list have you experienced so far?

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