Finding the most Instagrammable places in Dubai can be a difficult task. Not because they are hard to find, but because there are so many. If there were to be a ranking of the most Instagrammable cities in the world, Dubai would probably be somewhere up there in the top.


Even though I have spent more than a month in the Emirates, I am convinced that the number of Dubai Instagram spots is bigger than those listed by me below.


     Taking into account the extremely rapid evolution of the city, probably this number of beautiful places in Dubai will double a year from now.


However, limited by what I have been able to see until the time I’m writing this article, I have gathered a pretty long list of Dubai photography locations. I also added three Instagrammable places in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates, as a bonus.


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The Most Instagrammable Places in Dubai


   Burj Khalifa – exterior


    No list of Dubai Instagram spots would be complete without the huge structure that dominates the skyline of the city. It is known that Dubai is a city of records, and the fact that here is the tallest building in the world is just one of them.


But it’s not known for how long this record will still be valid, for there are already several other countries that plan to surpass it, by building a taller structure.


     And because it is, indeed, a skyscraper, it will be quite difficult to have the full Burj Khalifa in the picture. Tall and slim, it won’t fit even the maximum 4: 5 scale that Instagram allows. Therefore, you’ll need to crop a bit the bottom of the image.


Oh, yeah! And it is absolutely necessary to have a photographer partner, willing to kneel while holding the device in his hand so that you can get that perfect Instagram picture since Burj Khalifa is one of the most aesthetic places in Dubai.


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   Burj Khalifa – interior


    As much as it is spectacular on the outside, as much you will love the interior and the views. The tallest building in Dubai is one of the best indoor places for photoshoot in Dubai.


Burj Khalifa has a total of 163 floors and is 829 meters high, but the observation points are located on floors 124, 125, and 148. Even so, the world from there will look like a Lego game and Dubai’s skyscrapers like toys.


     Even the dancing fountains next to the huge building look like lawn sprinklers from such a height. If you’re lucky to visit the building on a clear day, you’ll have the chance to admire Burj al Arab and Palm Island.


One thing is certain. The photos taken from the tallest building in the world are a must when you visit the United Arab Emirates.


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 Dubai Miracle Garden | The most Instagrammable places in Dubai


    Where else can you take Instagrammable photos of Dubai if not in a huge garden full of stunning flowers? And paradoxically, this garden can be found in the middle of the Dubai desert.


Moreover, here is the largest collection of flowers in the world, arranged under all sorts of shapes and sizes.


Whether they are covering some hearts, a plane, or some cute little houses. In Dubai Miracle Garden, perfect pictures for Instagram are so easy to be made.


Book a 4h tour at the Dubai Miracle Garden 



Zabeel Palace


  The home of Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, cannot be visited on the inside. However, most of the tours will bring you to the gates of this impressive palace, part of Dubai Instagrammable places.


Where you will hear the voice of the peacocks raised in the palace and you can admire the skyline of the city from a different perspective.



   Dubai Marina


     The most vibrant area of the city is this complex built around an artificial river connected to the Arabian Gulf. Yachts, brilliant towers with complex shapes, terraces, hookah flavors, palm trees, water cruises, music, crowds, glamor, and shoutings to prayer.


All in the same place. Such a great variety of people and activities, that you will feel extremely comfortable here. The photos will be a success both during the day and after the darkness. 


Dubai Marina is not only fun but also one of the most Instagram worthy places in Dubai.


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   JBR Beach | The most Instagrammable places in Dubai


    JBR Beach (Jumeirah Beach Residences) is located right behind the Dubai Marina towers, so you’d better spend an entire day in the area.


Go to the beach in the morning when it’s not very hot, then go for a shopping session at Dubai Marina Mall. Later, come back to JBR to catch the sunset, and then relax on a terrace, smoking a hookah in Dubai Marina.


I made your plan for the day. All you have to do is find the best frames for perfect pictures for your Instagram feed.


Instagrammable places in Dubai

Dubai Marina skyline | Dubai Instagram spots


 Madinat Jumeirah


    Just like the Dubai Marina, Madinat Jumeirah is also a kind of complex with an artificial river, cafes, and restaurants. But this time, the skyscrapers are replaced by constructions that imitate the old architecture of the Emirates and the atmosphere is a bit different.


There is also a souq (bazaar) where you can find various Arabic art objects, but also souvenirs, at prices a bit higher.


It is an absolutely superb and very attractive place, suitable when it comes to beautiful pictures. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular places in Dubai.


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   Burj al Arab | Instagram worthy places in Dubai


    The world’s most luxurious hotel and the only 7-star hotel no longer needs any description. It is definitely a place to see when you are on holiday in Dubai, and also a place to add to your list of photography locations in Dubai.


Dubai most instagramable places

Burj Al Arab – Instagrammable spots in Dubai


   Dubai Mall – the passage of umbrellas


    Dubai Mall is another record owned by Dubai because it would be said to be the largest mall in the world. So large that its hallways look like streets and you can even take a taxi inside to make it easier to get from one side to another.


So, to spare you the research for finding this Instagram worthy place in Dubai, I will give you the most accurate indications. You will find it on the ground floor in the Denim district near the ice rink.



   Dubai Mall – the humans waterfall


    Dubai Mall is not just a shopping complex. The Mall near Burj Khalifa is also one of the best indoor places for photoshoots in Dubai and has so many attractions inside that you will need at least one day to discover all its secrets.


One of the most photogenic places in Dubai is the fountain with glass fiber people who seem to plunge into the water.


It’s 24 meters tall, enough to cover all the floors of the building and its peaceful sound can be heard from a distance. So you’ll get to it very easily.


Dubai Mall


   Dubai Aquarium


  In Dubai Mall, you can clearly feel like Alice in Wonderland. One of these wonders is the immense aquarium that holds 10 million liters of water and over 140 species of marine life.


Inside, there is a tunnel where you can walk if you buy a ticket. But the rest can be seen free of charge during a simple walk through the mall. You will not only admire multicolored fish but also sea cats or sharks of impressive sizes.


Dubai most instagramable places

Dubai aquarium – Instagrammable spots in Dubai


   Jumeirah Public Beach


  It’s not as fancy as JBR, but it’s not as crowded also, so it’s much easier to take pictures here. At one end you will have a 7-star view, as the famous Burj al Arab Hotel is also here.


Is not just one of the most Instagrammable places in Dubai but also a great location for weddings photos.


Dubai most instagramable places


   Dubai Desert Safari


    About the experience of the desert near Dubai, I’ve already told you in a previous article. Besides the shows in the camp, the delicious food, and the drifting on the sand, the Arabian desert is also the ideal place for wonderful sunset pictures.


The shades of red and orange combined with the hot sand texture are the subject of Instagram worthy places in Dubai.


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Dubai most instagramable places


   The Atlantis Hotel | The most Instagrammable Places in Dubai


     Another point of reference for Dubai, due to its shape and celebrity, is the Atlantis Hotel, located on Palm Island.

You will most likely get here on an organized city tour or if you want to spend your day at the hotel’s amusement park.


It is quite far from the city center, so I recommend you come here only if you have other activities in the plan, not just for a few pictures. No matter how tempting it might be.


   Dubai The Frame – exterior


    Viewed from the outside, Dubai the Frame doesn’t look like anything else. After all, it’s rectangular frame construction.


Where can you ever meet this ?! Unlike Burj Khalifa, this completely golden building has far greater chances to fit into a photo, being 150 meters tall.


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Dubai most instagramable places

Dubai Frame – The most Instagrammable places in Dubai

   Dubai The Frame – interior


    The reasons why you should visit Dubai’s newest attraction are many. First of all, the construction was built so that through it, the two perspectives of Dubai could be seen as two different photos of two different periods in time: the old city and the new Dubai.


Once at the top of the building, you will have the opportunity to see the two sides of the contrasting city, and the view is impressive. From here, you can take the best photos of Dubai.


     In addition to this, inside the building, you will be able to step on a glass floor through which you can see the pools at the base of the building, 150 meters below your feet.


It’s an intimidating experience for those with a fear of height and a fascinating one for the brave ones. About the pictures you can do here, I don’t think it makes sense to talk, having so many options.


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   Global Village


    Abut Global Village I already talked about in a previous article. I was telling you then that a visit here is equal to a trip around the world. It’s definitely one of my favorite Dubai Photography spots since it gives you so many opportunities for Instagrammable photos.


More than 70 countries are represented by their most important buildings, traditions, flavors, costumes, and customs, and among them Romania. Obviously, I did not miss the opportunity to take a picture with my native country, 3,000 miles away from it.


Global Village is definitely one of the best Instagram spots in Dubai with so many opportunities for great photos. 



   Dubai Old Souk


     If you haven’t visited the old souk, then you can’t really say you have been to Dubai.

The decorative pillow fabrics and those of the traditional costumes will reveal all the colors of the rainbow and their derivatives. While the spice flavors will help you understand why oriental cuisine is among the most delicious in the world.


About Old Souk I will tell you more in a future article, but until then you have to know that it is the perfect place to take Instagram worthy photos in Dubai.


Dubai most instagramable places

   Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai | Best Instagram spots in Dubai


  The only mosque in Dubai that allows people who are not part of the Muslim religion to enter and explore it.


It is located right next to Jumeirah’s public beach and you’d better visit it on an organized tour. The guide will explain Islam’s traditions, customs, and religious practices. It’s an exciting experience you should not miss.


   Zabeel Park


    No, it’s not about the Dubai Frame, even if it appears in the first image below, but about the place where it is located. This is Zabeel Park, a green spot in the middle of the urban jungle.


Full of palm trees and flowers, with the skyline of the city in the background, with colorful caravans, fountains, and joy. A kind of relaxation oasis where the mood for pictures will come naturally.


   Dubai Parks and Resorts


    One of my favorite places near Dubai is Dubai Parks and Resorts, a theme park complex, perfect for all ages. I spent a whole day here and enjoyed all the attractions, except for Legoland to which I haven’t got time to get.


My favorite was Bollywood, but I also like Riverland, a kind of reproduction of a French town. Does not look like Annecy? Practically, you forget you are in the middle of the desert.



Dubai most instagramable places


   The graffiti in Jumeirah Beach Residence


    In addition to the 40 JBR towers, beach, and terraces, you’ll also find many 3D drawings of this kind, sitting in popular places.


My favorite is the one with giraffes, but there are many more. What you’ll have to do? Find them and take the best photos, of course! JBR is one of the best places od Dubai to take some incredible photos.


The most Instagrammable places in Dubai and Abu Dhabi



   Historic District


    I don’t know how authentic these constructions are, but I can confirm that the narrow streets and all the architectural accents will introduce you to a time machine where you will discover the old Dubai. The one where there is no trace of skyscrapers nor modern world that we can witness nowadays.


There are also some museums with maps, manuscripts, interior decorations, and armor. The best part is that you are allowed to take photos of them. Al Fahidi is, with no doubt, one of the best photography locations in Dubai.


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   Mall of the Emirates


    Another mall worth visiting in Dubai is the Mall of the Emirates, where you will find a ski slope and everything that means an enchanting winter setting, including the associated temperatures.


Besides, there are hundreds of popular stores and brands to choose from. But what made me add to the list of the most Instagrammable places in Dubai is its very elegant architecture with wrought iron fences and high domes.


Dubai most instagramable places

  Dubai Creek


  Probably the cheapest activity you can do in Dubai, except for the totally free ones, is a boat ride in exchange for a single dirham to cross Dubai Creek. Although short, the boat ride is the perfect opportunity for a series of Instagrammable photos of Dubai. 


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Instagrammable places in Dubai

   The Dubai Eye


    I remember the first time I was in Dubai and this observation wheel was still under construction. Only a quarter of it was finished by that time, and I was thinking when it would be ready.


Well, a few months later, The Dubai Eye was complete and everyone is now waiting for the grand opening of one of the most Instagrammable spots in Dubai.


Ain Dubai is located on Bluewaters Island. It is the tallest in the world with 210 meters, and a complete rotation lasts for about 48 minutes, enough time for a bunch of Instagrammable photos of Dubai.


Dubai most instagramable places


Safa Park | The most Instagrammable Places in Dubai


Safa Park is one of the largest parks in Dubai, located near the Sheikh Zayed Boulevard. The greenery, the flowers, the palm trees, and the landscaped canal have turned Safa Park into one of the most Instagrammable places in Dubai.


You can come here not only to take beautiful photos of Dubai but also for sports, cycling, or a picnic on the grass, a fairly common custom among the people of Dubai.


Instagrammable places in Dubai


Dubai Garden Glow


Just as the name suggests, Dubai Garden Glow is a Dubai attraction that really glows. Suitable for both children and adults, the garden reveals a beautiful world of colors and lights.


All kinds of colorful figurines are represented throughout the park. We can even admire an exhibition of life-size dinosaurs that instantly makes us think of Jurrasic Park.


It is located just across the road from Zabeel Park and Dubai the Frame, so I suggest you discover all these Instagramable places in Dubai on the same day.


beautiful places in Dubai


Palm Island – Dubai Marina skyline


I already talked about Palm Island when I mentioned another beautiful place in Dubai, the Atlantis Hotel. This time, we turn our gaze to the beautiful skyline of Dubai Marina.


You can see it very well from the road that surrounds Palm Island. To make it easier for you, write Public Parking Viewpoint on google maps, the one in front of the Sea View Hotel.


I don’t think it makes sense to describe the place anymore. The images are powerful arguments that will influence anyone to put this location on the list of Instagrammable places in Dubai.



Dubai city walk


Dubai City Walk is one of the underrated places in Dubai. Is a kind of smaller town in the middle of the big city, with restaurants, shops, cafes, and just about everything you need in everyday urban life.


It is a perfect space for socializing and attractive enough to be worthy of the list of Instagramable places in Dubai. I suggest you spend at least one afternoon here.


Instagrammable places in Dubai


The intersection of Sheikh Zayed and Al Safa streets


This is one of the best photo spots in Dubai because you can have a great view of both Burj Khalifa and The Address Sky Towers 1 and 2.
I discovered this place on New Year’s Eve 2019/2020, when I walked from the fireworks back to the hotel.


beautiful places in Dubai


The most Instagrammable places in Abu Dhabi


   Emirates Palace


     If you are not part of the world’s millionaires, most probably you won’t spend a night here. The Emirates Palace is the third most expensive hotel in the world. However, the hotel is opened for visits to everyone.


And you got plenty to see! The interiors are fabulous and extremely luxurious, and the gardens and fountains are beautiful as well. Emirates Palace is situated in Abu Dhabi, nearby Etihad Towers.


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   Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi


If they look familiar, that is because you certainly saw them in Fast and Furious. Etihad Towers are 5 and they are situated right across the street from Emirates Palace.


So you can easily take photos of them while still in the territory of the luxurious 5-star hotel.


Dubai most instagramable places

   Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


    Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates, clearly has some charming places to put on Instagram.


Of course, the main attraction is the gorgeous white mosque, dedicated to the former ruler of the country, Sheikh Zayed.


White marble, flower ornaments, Swarovski chandeliers, pools, and minarets. All of these make up one of the best photography spots in Abu Dhabi.


Book a one day tour to Sheikh Zayed Mosque from Dubai


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi – Best photography spots in Abu Dhabi

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