El Nido is not a very accessible destination in terms of getting there. Flights to Palawan are long and exhausting, and prices are not that affordable. Moreover, the money you will pay for airplane tickets will most likely equal the rest of the cost for a one-month vacation in the Philippine archipelago. So, if your trip is long and full of activities that will significantly reduce your budget, you’ll probably think of cheaper options when it comes to accommodation. The good news is that cheap does not necessarily mean sacrificing your personal comfort or, in the worst case, lack of cleanliness. So, in this article, you’ll learn about two different and affordable options, with pluses and minuses, with the main advantage being their strategic location.

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  • In the city center, overlooking El Nido Bay: Milangrace Inn

     Not a luxury hotel, certainly, but it is a very clean place, located just a few dozen meters from the beach and the shops and pubs of El Nido. The rooms are small, equipped with a bed, a wardrobe, private bathroom with shower, hot water non-stop, and air conditioning. My room did not have TV, but who needs TV after the activities in El Nido that completely exhaust you? There is wifi, though, like in all places in El Nido, the signal is very weak, to nonexistent.

     Breakfast is included in the price and will be served on the 1st floor. In addition, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama to the rocks that surround the city, but also to El Nido Bay, the place from where all the boats leave to take their tourists to the islands. The hotel staff is courteous and will help you with any information you need. Milangrace Inn also organizes tours, so we booked Tour A with them, at a price more than acceptable, 1200 Php, with the environmental tax included. Another great advantage is the laundry provided by the hotel. After many days of traveling, your clothes will need intensive cleaning.

     Recently, Milangrace Inn opened a new, more beautiful building with more spacious rooms.

     For reservations:

Milangrace Inn El Nido Palawan PhilippinesMilangrace Inn El Nido Palawan PhilippinesMilangrace Inn El Nido Palawan Philippines

Milangrace Inn El Nido Palawan Philippines

  • On Corong Corong Beach, overlooking Bacuit Bay: Dormitels.Ph

  I have to warn you that if you are not the kind of person, always ready to take on adventures and go with the tent to enjoy nature, don’t even consider the option of staying in this hotel. The same thing if you can’t stand the idea of taking cold showers, or if you can not live without the internet. Dormitels. Ph is among the most affordable places where you can stay in El Nido, but your expectations have to be very realistic, and you have to be pleased with a simple shelter above your head, a very small room in which hardly two people and their luggage can fit. However, the room is equipped with air conditioning and fan, and, surprise, a tv. The bathroom is very small and doesn’t have hot water, so you will have to see the good part of the things and be happy with the fact that you will be able to refresh yourself pretty quickly, after the days spent on the island under the burning sun.

  Regardless of all these aspects, initially hard to accept, I enjoyed the days spent in Dormitels.ph, especially due to the very good location, only a few steps away from the quiet beach, Corong Corong. So, I recommend this hotel to people who come to El Nido for activities and not necessarily for relaxation.

     For reservations:

Dormitels.ph El Nido Palawan PhilippinesDormitels.ph El Nido Palawan Philippines

Dormitels.ph El Nido Palawan Philippines

Dormitels.ph El Nido Palawan Philippines

Dormitels.ph El Nido Palawan Philippines

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*A thanks to Milangrace Inn for welcoming me. All photos + opinions of my stay are my own.