The first stop on the journey of three weeks on the most beautiful island in the world, Palawan, Philippines, was in Puerto Princesa, the capital of the province and at the same time the greenest city in the country of over 7000 islands.

So, the first 3 days were extremely important for shaping the first impressions of this idyllic location.

     I wanted to find a hotel in which I would be comfortable, close to the sights, within my budget, but mostly to make me feel I’m really on an island. I wanted something colorful and cheerful, and I’m glad I found it.

If you have plans of visiting the island of Palawan, I invite you to read further about my experience with Rodolfo Royale Hotel and see why I consider it a great option for accommodation.

Rodolfo Royale Hotel Puerto Princesa



     The hotel is located midway between the International Airport and downtown of Puerto Princesa. Basically, you can climb on a tricycle, the most common means of transport in the area, and you can get in about 5-10 minutes in each of these two landmark venues.

Manalo Street, where the hotel is located, is quite quiet, yet filled with mixed shops and several hotels and restaurants.

     The position of the hotel seems perfect since you’re away from the bustle and noise of downtown, but close enough to get there in a short time.

Nearby, there is a village bordering the ocean, on whose trails we got lost on our first day, making us appreciate even more the comfort of a 3-star hotel, in contrast to the modest living in the area.

Map of Puerto Princesa


Rodolfo Royale Hotel Puerto Princesa


   The room:

    Whether you go on vacation with your family, boyfriend/ girlfriend or your group of friends, Rodolfo Royale Hotel will have a nice room that fills your needs in terms of space.

Specifically, you can choose between Deluxe Room, Family Room, Superior Room, and Executive Room. We, as a couple, booked a double room and we opted for a higher floor for a beautiful view over the city.

     If you expect to find luxury, then you should go for a little more pretentious resorts. However, our room, colored in pink, yellow and green and equipped with wooden furniture, comfort assured us and gave us that feeling like indeed we are on an island.

Rodolfo Royale Hotel Puerto Princesa


    Although many, the pale colors have been chosen to create harmony, cheer up and give some life to the room. There have also been added a few decorations, a vase with flowers and a painting … with even more flowers.

If you want to visit Palawan, you should know that it’s always very hot, so air conditioning becomes indispensable. Fortunately, we also had a fan available, to increase room ventilation and to make temperature fall, if needed. The room is equipped with a wardrobe, a desk built, a TV and a mirror.

Rodolfo Royale Hotel Puerto Princesa


Rodolfo Royale Hotel


Rodolfo Royale Hotel Puerto Princesa


   The bathroom:

    The bathroom is simple, medium-sized and decorated in neutral colors. Sanitary objects are almost new, very clean and well maintained.

Although there are many areas on the island where hot water is a luxury, we had hot water all the time while we lived in this hotel and this made us very happy. Yes, in 3 weeks in Palawan, we had to experiment cold shower, in El Nido.

Rodolfo Royale Hotel Puerto Princesa


    Other facilities:

  • The restaurant:

    On the ground floor, the hotel has a restaurant with a bar, where you can dine inside or outside on the terrace, by preference. What I really liked and to me, it seemed a novel idea, was that every night the staff run a movie on a video projector. In this way, the guests of the hotel could relax and enjoy a fresh juice on the terrace while watching a movie in the group.

  • The tours:

     As I told you in my previous article, Puerto Princesa is famous for one of the 7 wonders of nature, but also for the beautiful islands of Honda Bay. If you accommodate at Rodolfo Royale, you will have quick access to these sights.

All you have to do is to communicate it to the receptionist, which is a very pretty and smiling girl, and most likely you’ll have the tour arranged for the next day.

  • Free Wifi:

     Theoretically, you should be able to surf the internet right from your room. Basically, I can say for sure that the wifi is so weak in the room, that probably you will not even be able to use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

However, if you are willing to use the internet in the lobby or inside the restaurant, then the problem is solved because in these two rooms the hotel has quite a decent speed.

The problem with the Internet is not limited to this hotel but is specific on Palawan island, so do not rush to give it a negative rating because of this inconvenience.

Rodolfo Royale Hotel


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