In less than three days, a beautiful, but quiet year, without too many significant events for me, finally ends. There were good days, and some sad days, like losing a true friend, who was by my side for 13 years, my beloved dog Blacky. I hope that 2017 will be much better, more active, and full of beautiful trips around the world, with my significant one. If everything goes as I want, and how I planned, some major changes should occur in my life, changes that involve risk, boldness, but also more responsibility. I want to bring the blog to the next level, I want to post more often and, why not, to start a new chapter, Vlogging. By default, more and more travels should follow, and of course, more stories to share with you.

     Now, towards the end of the year, I thought about drawing a line and coming with a series of articles, showing how were the 5 months since I started this travel blog, which until now has brought me satisfaction and filled my time in a relaxed manner, making me feel fulfilled at the same time. I will start with my Instagram account, in which I added, step by step, 211 photos. I want to put in this post, those photos that have more importance for me, both visually and symbolically. Here are my favorite photos on @whisperwanderlust:

     I would like you to tell me, in the comments, which is your favorite, and what would you like me to post more, in the future. If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it or pin it.

Happy New Wanderlust Year!

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