Guest post by Caroline L. Gullett

     Traveling should always be fun and exciting. However, the reality is that a bit of bad luck and a lack of planning can easily make your trip very stressful. A lot of travel stress can be reduced with a bit of organization.

In this post, we provide three travel tips that will make your trip stress free and hopefully equip you to deal with any setbacks you may encounter.


   Reduce Wasted Time

    The problem with holidays is that they go by too fast and before you know it you are back home. Time is very valuable when you are abroad and the last thing you want to do is waste time by being unprepared.

You may have a good idea of what you want to do, but unless you do some research you could find yourself spending more time getting to the location than experiencing it.

Travel itineraries are simple to make and sites such as The Trusted Traveller offer tips on how to make your own. There are also plenty of sites on the internet that have ready-made itineraries for every country and conceivable type of trip.

   Better Safe Than Sorry

     Making photocopies of passports and other important documents could save you a lot of stress and hassle if you lose your passport. OMC Travel & Lifestyle write that photocopies can make solving problems much easier as officials are more than likely to let you travel on if you lose valuable documents.

It will also make everything run much smoother at embassies. Just the knowledge that you are prepared for something going wrong reduces a lot of stress that comes with traveling.

   Reducing Stress at the Airport


     Airports can quickly turn into a nightmare and your trip can easily get off to the worst possible start. No matter where you are in the world the stress of getting to the airport on time causes pulses to race. Missing your flight is one of the biggest (non-lethal) disasters that can happen to a traveler.

One way to avoid this is to stay at an airport hotel before you depart. Not only will you have a place to stay, most airport hotels are reasonably budgeted, and you will absolutely not miss your flight.

     This doesn’t just apply to travelers in foreign destinations. If you are flying from your home country and want to combine sleeping and parking, most airport hotels will offer parking deals. For example, readers in the UK will find that all major hotels will have airport hotels that can include parking in the price of accommodation.

Parking4Less who offer parking information at Manchester Airport made a list of airport hotels near the hub including the Crown Plaza, which is within the airport boundaries, that come with various parking deals. No matter where you are flying from airports across the world will likely have similar deals that will make your journey much less stressful.

     We hope you have found this post useful and will apply the tips to your next trip. Stress can quickly kill a trip and you can be a savvy and happy traveler by being prepared.



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