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     Long trips, whether they are by plane, train or automobile, can be an exciting time. In fact, they can be almost as much fun as the place you’re heading once the trip’s over. But if you are sat still, or commuting for extend periods, whatever your mode of transport, the negative effects can kick in.

   Most people have experienced feeling hot, tired, cooped up, stressed, or possibly even nauseous while traveling. It’s easy to just resort to ideas you think will work because they are easy, but for the healthier alternatives for mind and body, we’ve got you covered.

   So, if you’re keen to bank some useful tips that will make the difference between a super trip and a nightmare one, we’re here to help.

   Fast food is not your friend

     It’s hard to get away from and that’s because the temptations of fast food and naughty treats are everywhere. This is, even more, the case when you’re travelling.

     You may well be in holiday mode, but if you are on the way to somewhere special, then you don’t want to lose the holiday body before you’ve even arrived! Everyone knows how much of a temptation it is to grab a juicy burger at the service station, but there’s another way.

     For you to truly enjoy a healthy long-distance trip, you should be looking to pack healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, depending on the length of your journey and your itinerary.  

     It’s worth prepping up some meals before you set off, making sure that you include plenty of foods that are rich in vitamin C and zinc (good for settling the stomach). Pack in the proteins, using eggs, yogurt, nuts, and seeds. Lastly, aim to include some natural carbs from gluten-free grains, and fruits like bananas to make the ideal healthy travel meals.

   It’s helpful to stay hydrated  

    As silly as it sounds, don’t forget to drink. Sorry, that’s not a cue to pop the Champagne; what we mean is that you need to remain well-hydrated. If you don’t get plenty of fluids in your system, you’re setting yourself up to suffer from tiredness and agitation.

     Suffering ill effects from not drinking enough water can make the trip less enjoyable because it could leave you feeling hungry and, well, dehydrated! Just keep in mind that you want to keep a steady intake of fluids and try to avoid sugary drinks and energy drinks too.

   Sleep is superior!

     Often the tip that everyone’s been waiting to stumble upon! If there was ever an excuse to sleep, it’s on a long journey, and when it’s been confirmed that this will benefit your health, then it’s time to get forty winks!

     The likelihood of your trip being at an odd time that doesn’t fit around your usual schedule is quite likely, so get a good night’s sleep and be prepared. If you’ve been struggling to sleep let the naps work their magic, they’re just as effective as a solid deep sleep at times.

     Sleep has the potential to make you feel alert and rejuvenated, which is always useful on journeys, so skip the all-nighters and think about some shuteye.

   Prepare the mind and body

     It’s not just the meal prep your body will benefit from; there are other ways too. It’s well worth doing some physical activity in the lead up to your trip to help make the voyage as healthy as possible.

     Make this as active as you like, but for prime examples, doing Yoga, swimming, or lifting some weights usually do the trick. The endorphin hormone release due to exercise will make you feel good and will also help you to sleep more effectively as well.

     While you’re at it, why not give some breathing exercises, or meditation a go? Don’t let the outdated notion that they’re activities reserved for hippies hold you back either. There are plenty of health benefits that you can also use to help enjoy travelling.

   Stretch to satisfaction

     In case you’d forgotten, you’re going to be sitting for long periods, so in the lead up to your trip, during the pitstops on your journey, take advantage of working your way through a collection of stretches.

     Here are a handful of the most beneficial stretches to go through:

  •       Figure Four Stretch
  •       Downdog Calf Stretch
  •       Inchworm
  •       Half Kneel Hip Stretch
  •       Hamstring Reach & Sweep
  •       Toe Raises

    Hold these stretches for around 10-15 seconds each and you will feel the value in them when you’re travelling in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

*This post is made in collaboration with Sarah Cummings