When visiting Bucharest, whether you do it for shopping, entertainment, sightseeing or business meetings, you should know (if you do not already know) that all the “action” it revolves around Unirea Square.

Old Town, Unirea Shopping City, Court of Bucharest, The House of the Parliament, major institutions and other attractions are located within a radius of about 1 kilometer from this place. In fact, the zero point of Bucharest is a little north, midway between Union Square and University Square, right in front of Church St. Gheorghe.

     Last year, in November (wow, I still can’t believe that we are in 2017 !!!), I had to go to Bucharest, along with Ayman, for 4 days. The reasons were a little of all the above.

If taking my diplomas from my ex-University, can be included in the professional section, fun, pleasure walks and a little shopping in the capital were also in our plans for some time, so I tried to find the best accommodation option, in downtown.

     So, I came across SS Residence Hotel, an accommodation unit, rated at 3 stars. This may be the ideal choice if you want decent living conditions, you don’t have a big budget, but you don’t want to stay on the city’s periphery. It seems that people are satisfied with this hotel, in general, being rated at 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor.

Moreover, SS Residence relieved us from using the car and public transportation. We reached almost any point we wanted, by foot. I loved the hotel and the facilities that go with it, very much, so I thought it deserved an honest review, here, on my blog.




    The hotel has an excellent location, being situated just 5 minutes walk from Unirea Shopping City, and within 10 minutes walk from the Old Downtown. Specifically, SS Residence is located on Cuza Voda street, in a quiet neighborhood. 100 m away, you can find the headquarters of a police station, so your safety is assured.

We all know how important it has become to feel that we are safe, especially lately. Although it is so close to Piata Unirii, it’s a quiet area. We didn’t feel at all that we are in the heart of the capital, from this point of view, whether we were inside the room or outside on the balcony.


map ss residence hotel bucharest

   The rooms:


    Of the 5 categories of rooms and suites that the hotel provides, we thought that the VIP room was the best for us. And well we did. The room that we have chosen seems perfect for couples, due to the romantic feeling that it gave us.

Why do I say that? Thanks to the very carefully chosen details, from the floral wallpaper with its pastel colors to the golden chandelier with crystal, and the wrought iron frame of the bed.

Even the curtains and the chairs placed next to the coffee table have a floral design, and they are chosen with great taste. About the bathroom, I’ll tell you later on.

     The VIP room is ideal if you want to spend several days in Bucharest and you also want to prepare your food quickly. You have this possibility even in your own room, which features a versatile, mini kitchen.

As for space, even this chapter is not ignored. 23 square meters easily equates a studio. Other advantages offered in this room are the TV and the balcony.


SS Residence Bucharest

SS Residence Bucharest

SS Residence Hotel Bucharest

SS Residence Bucharest

SS Residence Bucharest


  The furniture is simple and beautifully executed, and there is enough storage space for two people. Two bedside tables, a small table with two chairs and a double wardrobe should fit anyone unless they want to move in the hotel, for good.


TV and bed SS Residence Hotel Bucharest

Wordrobe SS Residence Hotel Bucharest

SS Residence Bucharest


 The bathroom


    Perhaps the mere fact that it has a jacuzzi is enough to fall in love with it. The bathroom is a big advantage of this room; is elegant, spacious, warm and quite large with a Jacuzzi included, in which you can indulge as long as you like.

Besides, there are other facilities such as a hairdryer, vertical radiator (surely, during winter you’ll be very grateful for that) and a wardrobe with a mirror included. The mirror will help you, considering that there isn’t one in the room.

If I had to find a minus for the room, it would probably be the lack of a mirror. Ayman didn’t miss it, but for me, it was certainly a fail. I solved the issue by using the one in the bathroom and sometimes the one in the hallway.


Bathroom SS Residence HotelBathroom SS Residence


 The mini kitchen:


    It was a surprise, and we found out about it only when we opened the room door. When we booked the room on the site, we haven’t noticed that we have a mini bar and a mini kitchen, equipped with everything needed, from storage, a hot plate, refrigerator, utensils, sink, and microwave. A very nice surprise, that’s for sure!


Kitchen SS Residence Bucharest

  The balcony and the view:


    We stayed on the 3rd floor, and although we haven’t had the most myrobolan view of the world, was a plus to be able to breathe the fresh air of the morning or to “listen” the silence of the evening, on the balcony.

It stretches the entire length of the room and the bathroom, so that was quite generous in size. There is also a table with two chairs in case you’re a fan of coffee served with a view to match.

The hotel has 6 floors, so if you want to be at a greater height, you can request a room on a higher floor.


Balcony SS Residence

SS Residence Bucharest

   Other facilities:

  • Bistro Cafe. On the first floor is a very nice cafe, where you can have breakfast or where you can enjoy a strong coffee to start your day. The menu and the prices you can find them on the site.
  • Free WIFI 
  • Free Parcare 
  • Room service 24/24 h
  • Free bicycles. We didn’t use them because the outside temperature was not very generous when we visited, yet if it is spring or summer, the hotel will offer you a free bike to explore the surroundings during your entire stay.

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