2016 was certainly an intense year. Due to some unfortunate events, tourism has been affected in some areas, but other areas of the world had won and have grown in popularity. According to statistics presented on traveller.com, the most visited three cities in 2016 are Bangkok, London, and Paris. It seems that Thailand has become the favorite destination for travelers.

     We don’t know how the ranking will look like by the end of 2017, but one thing is certain: people want to travel and explore the world, more and more. For this reason, I asked 12 awesome bloggers to recommend us a travel destination, for each month of the upcoming year.  Happy New Year and Happy Travels!

     Here are the 12 countries that you don’t want to miss in 2017:

1. January: Philippines

     The Philippines can boast some of the most beautiful islands on Earth, but this is not all. Chasing waterfalls, swimming with turtles and trying strange food in the cities are just a few of the activities available in this popular ecotourism destination. There’s really something for everyone in the Philippines! January is the perfect month to visit the Philippines because it’s in the middle of the dry season, which means the rain and the typhoons won’t interrupt your tropical holiday. The temperatures are also a bit cooler than in the previous months,but still warm enough to enjoy your bikini time.

By Stefania from Every Steph


2. February: New Zealand

     February is the shoulder season in New Zealand when all the kiwis should have gone back to school and work respectively making it the best time to travel New Zealand. Everything isn’t so busy and everyone is a little less stressed having completed another festive season. In terms of getting around, February is thought to be the best month of the year weather wise with summer not really getting started until late December and New Zealand never gets ‘that hot’. All the tourist attractions will still be running and you’ll avoid paying the high season prices (especially when it comes to flying in/out/around New Zealand) and may even encounter end of summer specials!

By Jub from Tiki Touring Kiwi

New Zealand

3. March: Morocco

     March is one of the very best times to visit Morocco. No matter which part of the country you choose to visit, chances are you’ll be met with fantastic weather and beautiful scenery. Spring in Morocco is truly magical. You’ll get the best of all worlds – sunny, warm temperatures inland, coasts where the brave can take a swim and snow often still capping the High Atlas Mountains. There’s no wrong place to go during this time of year and you can likely snag some great airfare. Pay attention though because on years when Easter falls during March, prices and bookings skyrocket as European holiday-seekers head south.

By Amanda from Marrakech Food Tours


4. April: Cuba

     Grab your passport this April and head to Cuba! I spent 10 days in Cuba this past April, and it was the perfect time to visit. The weather was sunny and warm, perfect for drinking mojitos on the beach. Cuba is only 90 miles from Florida therefore, the weather is almost identical. If you are familiar with Florida summer’s you would advise tourists not to visit during the summer heat. April is shoulder season, so there aren’t a ton of tourists. If you plan on visiting Trinidad Cuba and hiking, you’ll basically have the entire waterfalls and trail to yourself. If you head to the Bay of Pigs in April you might be able to see the annual crab migration, where the crabs move from the forest to the beach to lay their eggs. It’s crazy to see thousands of crabs crossing the street.

By Hannah from Getting Stamped


   5. May: Scotland

     It is hard to deny the appeal of Scotland: Castles of all shapes and sizes, 5000 year-old Unesco sites, grandiose valleys, dramatic cliffs and thousands and thousands of lakes…The month of May is one of the best times to fall under its charm. It is only the beginning of the tourism season, which means everything is opened but not yet full with tourists. Contrary to what people imagine, May visitors will experience less rain (the wettest month is August) and therefore less midges (a very important factor to consider). And the best part is that days are long, giving you plenty of time to admire the raw beauty of Scotland highlighted by the blooming wildflowers. They, indeed, contrast with the deep blues of the lochs and enhance the fairy-tale quality of castles.

By Claire from Zig Zag On Earth


   6. June: United States of America

     We may be biased, as we are from the USA, but with a whole enormous, varied country to explore, June is the month to head Stateside for a roadtrip. There’s nothing quite so quintessential as the American road trip, with wide open spaces and well-equopped highways. June is the perfect weather in which to do a road trip so you can get outside and maybe even do some camping along the way. From the coast of California across the western deserts to the plains of the midwest and finally to the big cities of the northeast (and don’t forget about the humid, hospitable South!), the USA is the best choice for your 2017 travel calendar for June.

By Amy & Nathan of Two Drifters 

virginia usa

   7.  July: Belgium

     Belgium truly deserves to be called a festival country. While festivals are happening all-year-long, summer is of course peak time and visitors and locals alike have a choice between different festivals every weekend of July. Big names at Rock Werchter and Cactus Festival, World Music at Couleur Cafe and more alternative styles at Dour, dance music at Summerfestival and the famous Tomorrowland or jazz at Jazz Ghent. There truly is a music festival for everyone. And now I’ve only mentioned festivals taking place in July! While the bigger festivals require an entrance ticket, there are also lots of smaller, more local festivals where you can enjoy bands for free. And if you need another reason to visit Belgium in July: it’s usually the best month of the year in terms of the weather. Although in Belgium, you never really know 🙂

By Sofie from Wonderful Wanderings


   8. August: Ukraine

     Summer is the best time to visit Ukraine. The countryside blooms with yellow sunflowers, the Black Sea is perfect for swimming and long, warm evenings are best to be spent outside, in one of many cafes. If you’d like to admire divine architecture of Central Europe and enjoy the exceptional cafe culture then Western Ukraine – especially Lviv and Chernivtsi – are the places to go. If you’re more into relaxing at the beach and catch some sun you should head to Odessa – the biggest city on the Black Sea shore, with fascinating history and beautiful old town. And if you want to get the real Eastern Europe feel – golden domes of Orthodox churches and magnificent Soviet buildings wait for you in Kiev. These are just some places to visit in Ukraine but no matter where you go you will have a great time, I’m sure of it! Ukraine is a safe and cheap country and now is the time to go!

By Kami from My Wanderlust

   9. September: Indonesia

     Indonesia is probably the most complete destination in Southeast Asia. There are not many countries that can compete with the variety of experiences you can have in Indonesia. In Sumatra or Kalimantan you can get to see orangutans in their natural habitat. In Java you can visit some of the most precious of examples of ancient religious architecture and you can see “hell” from close range, visiting some of the several active volcanoes there. In Bali you can get lost exploring beautiful green rice fields and majestic Hindu temples, and if you travel to Comodo Island, you can even get to see “real dragons”. In addition, the islands of Indonesia are full of wonderful secluded beaches and magical spots to explore underwater wildlife. September is a perfect month to visit, since the rainy season will not have started yet, and the climate is perfect for all kinds of activities.

By Gabor from Surfing the Planet


   10. October: Bermuda

     Want one last beach getaway before winter? Visit Bermuda’s picturesque pink sand beaches in October to avoid the crowds and enjoy the savings on discounted hotel rates. Since Bermuda is only a short flight away from many cities on the East Coast, it’s a convenient travel destination – the flight from New York City is only 2 hours! Once you arrive on the island, plan to sip on a refreshing rum swizzle drink under a shady palm tree. Swim in an ancient cave or set sail on an evening catamaran cruise and watch the sunset. While your friends and family are beginning to put on Fall coats and winter boots, lay in the sun and savor your last chance to enjoy a bit of summer even if you can only afford a weekend trip.

By Danielle from The Thought Card

Optimized-Blue Hole Park Beach Bermuda.png

   11. November: Japan

     My favourite destination for any time of year has to be Japan. However, one of the best months to visit the land of the rising sun is actually November. In November Japan is at its most vibrant. It is actually the peak time to see autumn colour on Japan’s mainland. The bright red leaves of its many forests add contrast to the generally bluish mountainous scenery. Furthermore, the climate in November is pleasantly mild. Which means that hiking excursions are far more enjoyable. And surprisingly it is also one of the quieter seasons. Which is why I would definitely recommend travelling to Japan in Autumn rather than busy cherry blossom season.

By Katharina from A Life Beautifully Travelled


   12. December: Singapore

     Christmas in Singapore is a big celebration that gives the locals another excuse to do what they love most: eat and shop. Although Singapore is considerably one of the most expensive cities in the world, but there are some relatively cheap options for you to experience Christmas in Singapore. In Singapore, the garden by the bay would showcase Christmas lightings and Christmas carols while Shopping malls in Orchard Road, Singapore’s shopping paradise would compete for the best dressed building contest. If you intend to splurge, check out Universal Studio of Singapore (USS) the first in South East Asia with 7 themed zones and attractions based on blockbuster films and television series like the Transformer and the Sesame Street.

By Bernard from Bernard The Traveller


  • In which of these countries have you already traveled?
  • What other suggestions do you have for 2017 in terms of travel destinations, and what are the reasons for your recommendation?

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